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Welcome to the home of Shloomfy, The Comfy Co. Specialists in designer bean bags, handcrafted from the best memory foam combinations, covered in a range of top quality fabrics. So what does sh-loom-fy mean? Extreme comfort, the epitome of rest and relaxation. Spaciously snug, cozy and consoling, restoring cheer and calm. You’ll know what we’re talking about when you flop into our range of high spec memory foam bean bags and accessories, you will find yourself saying, “Oh so Shloomfy!”

For us at Shloomfy, it is all about their comfort, the way they make you feel when you flop into one. They are not just like any bean bag. Firstly let us clarify that despite the common name ‘bean bag’, our shloomfy’s are definitely not filled with beans or polystyrene balls. We have, through experience, put together a unique high spec memory foam combination that provides superior comfort, molds to the shape of your body and supports you. Our bags never go flat! They retain their shape and ‘puffiness’ no matter how often you dive into them.

So what makes Shloomfy Special? Our bags are unique in that they offer a dual function. Depending on the way they are positioned, they can be used as a chair with support for your back and arms – perfect for when you are watching TV, reading, gaming or having a drink on your patio. Flip it over and it then becomes more reclining. Not just a bag of foam. Find out How to Shloomf , which shows you exactly how to position your bean bag

All our shloomfy’s are covered in an assortment of luxury designer fabrics. All of which have been carefully chosen, not only for their quality and durability but also for their softness – how they feel on your skin. All our fabrics are machine washable.

Every shloomfy bean bag has two covers. An outer cover chosen by you, from one of our four ranges (Casual, Premier, Luxe or Patio). The outer cover can be easily zipped off for cleaning purposes or should you wish to change your cover for a different season or occasion.

The inner cover contains our specially formulated foam chip recipe. The foam is accessible via a zip. The inner cover is made from a strong, breathable cotton rich fabric with premier YKK zips to endure high usage.

We highly recommend ordering a head roll and/or foot rest if you have chosen either a medium or large Shloomfy. The added comfort offered by these accessories is a must.

Shloomfy offers a unique service whereby you can bring us your own choice of fabric and we make up a ‘custom’ Shloomfy for you. A number of our designers use this option in creating something unique for their clients, matching up with their own décor. But anyone can do this. Click on the ‘Designer Shloomfy Bean Bag’ tab and we will email you back with all the information about this service.

Shloomfy’s will redefine your definition of comfort. Flop into a Shloomfy and you will never want to climb out of it – it’s the perfect gift and can be delivered anywhere in the country. We vacuum pack our bean bags for delivery. When you release the air tight seal of the packaging, your Shloomfy will grow back before your eyes. You will need to allow 2/3days for them to return to their gorgeous, original ‘puffiness’. We always recommend fluffing them up as you would a pillow.

We’ve kept our business simple and easy to shop. The best memory foam combinations, coupled with a few sizes and trending colours will help you find something for your lounges, bedrooms, office or even corporate hospitality events.

-Comfort is our passion-.